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Related article: Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 23:28:49 EST From: Subject: Celebrity Orgy-1From: Sarah Jamsion Subject: The Interview Archive: BisexualDISCLAIMER: The following actions written in this story are totally fictional. It in no way represents the real sexualities of the celebrities in this story.DO NOT SCROLL DOWN IF YOU ARE UNDER 18****************************************************************The Interview by Sarah JamsionChristina Aguilera, Britney Spears. The hottest two teen stars and modelos preeteen probably the most well known. They were rivals in about every aspect. Right down to the fight of, "WHO WAS MORE OF A SLUT." They're competition was unfriendly and they killed to get their way, and Britney Spears was winning her way. First of all she had that near-nude stint on the VMAs when she stripped off her leather and revealed a skin tight and skin colored suit underneath. No matter how latina models pictures Christina tried to beat Britney in sexiness, slutiness, and even album sales, she never succeeded. However, there was a deeper and other side of both the girls, and I was there to cover it.My name's Jack Thomas, and I work for the entertainment magasize called "S." We cover all celebrity rumors. We're sort of a tabloid except we actually name our sources and most of our stories were true. I was a pretty senior writer. I toplist models japan covered the wedding of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, and the divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. I covered all those major stories.It was at four o'clock when I was about to take my daughter to a Britney Spears concert (my daughter adores her). I was sitting at my desk writing about the newest Natalie Portman and Jennifer Love Hewitt lesbian love scene in a new movie when I received this phone call."This is 'S' Magazine. Senior writer Jack Thomas speaking," I said in a professional voice.On the other side of the line came this really gruff voice that said, "Okay. I'm gonna give you a real juice tidbit, Mr. Thomas. Go to the Madison Hotel at precisely eight o'clock. Once there, go to the Madison Bar, and you will meet some really famous celebrities. Follow them to their hotel room: Room 1245. Its a suite. There is a key in the bottom left drawer of your desk. Use that key to get into the room, and you will cover the biggest story of your life."I was pretenn model furiouly copying this down, and I asked, "How do you know this Mr...""I will remain unnamed, Mr. Thomas. Just say that I am a close source to both of the stars, Mr. Thomas."I heard a click, and he hung up.I was baffled by this phone call, but since he said it was gonna be big, I followed his directions.Parking my car, I walked into the Madison, a huge eighty-story hotel in Los Angeles with beautiful views. It was a hot meeting place for celebrities, and I had conducted many interviews in the bar.Right then, my cell phone rang, "Jack Thomas speaking.""Okay, Mr. Thomas. An associate of mine will be giving you a camera to go along with your story. Go to the men's bathroom. Check the second stall behind the toilet, there will be a Kodak disposable camera that you will use."I walked to the bathroom, and sure enough, there was that camera. I pocketed it and walked to the Madison bar where a band nude models federally was playing. I walked in and asked the bartender for a bourbon, and as I surveyed the room, my phone dutch porn models rang yet again."Mr. Thomas. Look at the far right corner of the bar. There sitting at the table are..."I looked an saw...Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in a very animated conversation. They seemed to be very happy together. Britney was wearing a midriff and a short sheer miniskirt. Christina was wearing a speghetti tank top that bared her belly and short shorts. I stayed there observing the two of them. Then little fashion models I saw the most amazing thing happen.Christina slid a hand across Britney's lap, and Britney's eyes were full of dark, sexy lust. She licked her lips at Christina who smiled. They both got up, paid their bill, and left. In hot pursuit, I got into the same elevator with them. They seemed to be almost in a sexual embrace, but I think I had broken it up. I pressed the 12th floor button, and when the elevator stopped, I walked a short distance before turning back. Using my electronic keycard, I unlocked and opened the door. I could hear short bursts of giggling and a rustle of clothes behind the bedroom door that was only partly closed.Looking in, I saw Britney in panties and Christina naked and French kissing. ginger model teen Their bodies were locked together, their perfect bodies. Britney brushed Christina's hair aside and they kept on kissing. At this point, Christina started to massage on of Britney's tits, and I saw the nipple grow larger and larger. Britney offered a nipple to Christina who eyed it hungrily and licked, sucked, and played with it. Christina's hand shot down to Britney's panties and she literally ripped it off, baring Britney's evenly shaven pussy. I was drooling at this magnificent sight and pulled my cock out and started to masturbate. I had already taken lots of pictures of them kissing. Christina licked her way down Britney's body, and Christina continually teased Britney by not eating her out. Christina kissed her inner thighs and just licked around Britney's beautiful, pink cunt lips. Britney was on the verge of screaming. The environment was filled with sexual air, and I pulled out my camera. Christina then spread Britney's legs out and started to kiss and lick Britney's cunt. Lapping at her cunt, Britney was non nude model moaning. I was taking numerous pictures including one where I could see both their faces. Britney pushed Christina's head farther in."Ugghhhh, deeper, Christina, deeper. Ohhhhhhhh," she moaned. "Yes. EAT ME. LICK IT, OH YES. Don't STOP, Christina, LICK IT, DEEPER into my cunt, Christina."Christina's head moved in and out, up and down as she ate out Britney's cunt. I could not control my lust any longer, and I pounced in the room. Christina and Britney immediately looked at me. I ripped off my pants before they could scream, hoping that they would be enticed. Britney and Christina did not look so frightened anymore. Instead they licked their lips and walked slowly toward me."Hi sexy. Who are you?" Britney said in an incredibly husky voice. Her hand was placed upon her nipple, rubbing it gently."Uh, my name's Jack Thomas, and I like to request an interview about your seemingly lesbian side," I said.She thought about this and said, "Okay but first you'll have to pass our test.""What test?" I asked. Immediately, Britney and Christina turned around, bent down, and wiggled their asses high in the air. I knew what they were telling me."You want me to fuck you up the ass?""That's right," they said."Who wants it first?" I asked.Christina's ass went up even farther. "Me."I walked over to her and spread her ass cheeks and stuffed my cock in little at a time. She screamed in pleasure and in pain as I spread her anus. Meanwhile, Britney had opened a drawer full of sex toys. She produced a strap-on that was at least twelve inches long. It russian sister models was longer than my own cock. She wrapped it around her waist, and it looked extrmemely out of place on her. She slid under Christina who was on all fours. I was buttfucking her doggy-style, Britney slid her dildo into Christina's other hole: her pussy. Christina was now screaming in complete ecstasy. Her two holes had been penetrated by huge cocks. Christina moaned and scremed incoherent words. I slid in and out of her. Her tight asshole made for one of the pleasurable sexual experiences in my mini models teen life. I put both my hands on her ass and pushed even deeper in her asshole. This time she really screamed. Meanwhile, under Christina, Britney was also sliding in and out of Christina. She was playing with her tits and sucking them. While Britney was biting on a nipple, Christina was nibbling at Britney's ear. The scene was extremely hot. Then I felt my balls tighten, and the rush of cum filled her ass. I pulled out after I unloaded my gallons of hot milky cum on her. Christina was lying on the floor now panting as Britney was still fucking her with the dildo. Christina then started to shake and jerk as she was nearing orgasm. They had an orgasm at the same time and both of them ended up half spent on the floor. They walked toward me and laid me down on the bed and started to rub my cock and give me a handjob. When my monster became its full twelve inches, Britney's eyed grew wide. Although she was scared, she lowered her mouth over my cock and deep throated it; she looked like she was going to choke, but she got used to the size of my cock real fast. I felt the superstar's tongue on the shaft of my cock, and it was like modeling nude vagina heaven. Britney seemed to love the taste nude latino models of my cock. Meanwhile, Christina had nothing to do, so I beckoned her over and told her to get her good friend, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Natalie Portman.Christina called them and quickly arranged the meeting. Meanwhile, Britney was still deep throating my willie. She moaned as she used her underteen models free hand to tickle my balls and her mouth moved up once more and mature fitness model sucked likely on the head. Her tongue twirled around the little lady models head of my cock and it was like heaven, no even better than that. I never realized it, but I couldn't believe my luck that I had two successful, beautiful, and incredibly sexy girls. I had buttfucked one and the other one was currently taking my cock into her mouth like it was a lolipop. I could feel the rush of cum as I felt my balls tighten and Britney knew it. The jism that my cock spurted hit her directly in the back of her older bondage models throat. She pulled out while I was still spurting, and she offered her face in front of her face. My pearly white milky cum dirtied her face and she licked it up like a dog. She took a finger and wiped all the cum on her face and inserted into her mouth and sucked it like a true slut. Then I heard the doorbell ring, and I knew that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Natalie Portman had arrived. I looked at my cock and found it was still hard. They would experience the pleasures of my cock...TO BE CONTINUED